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 Pricing updates to the Guided Tours... as of 2024

The "Slowpoke Tour" and "Cowpoke Tour" are now combined and the Pricing will be in accordance of the "Cowpoke Tour" as the time needed for both tours is 3 hours. Add $45 per 1-4 riders for the shuttle to Buffalo Gap Trailhead. This Tour can be a Beginner or Intermediate Ride per your request!  The Wrangler Tour Pricing remains the same with the added Shuttle fee of $85 for up to 4 riders-see shuttle pricing. (Permanent Editing will be done soon).

Day Tours


A guided Mountain Bike Adventure is a great way to experience the splendor of the North Dakota Badlands! Our experienced guides will provide local history, knowledge of the floral & fauna, and lead the way on some of the best single track in the country, eliminating the guess work of where to ride and how to get there, and first aid/CPR certified with mechanical skills as well!

Here are a few options for your choosing:

The "Slowpoke" Tour - Mountain Biking 101

Perfect for the beginner with a good fitness base, the “Slow Poke” Tour, will go through shifting, bike handling skills, confidence building and will empower you for your next ride!  This is great for families, ages 7* and up, or anyone who wants to see the back country at a casual pace.    


This 2 hour ride includes a high quality Mountain Bike, Helmet, Water, snacks, and a knowledgeable guide!


*children must be able to use hand brakes and gears.


$175 solo

$120 each for 2 riders

$110 each for 3 or more

$85 for each child riding 20” or 24” wheeled bikes

"Cowpoke" Tour - Intermediate

For those who want a faster pace/longer distance and 2 to 3 hour ride-(12 to 14 miles), the Cowpoke Tour will provide just that. This “step up” includes a short shuttle to a nearby trailhead, along with the above mentioned goodies and free upgrade to full suspension if available.


 $225 Solo

 $140 each for 2 riders

 $120 each 3-5 riders

 $110 each 6 or more


Bring your own SPD, Crank Brother or Time compatible shoes and we’ll install the pedals or feel free to bring your own pedals too! Otherwise platform pedals are standard.

The "Wrangler" - Advanced

A Solid 4-5 hour ride (15 to 20 miles) includes a longer shuttle and also the above mentioned accoutrements. We will most likely take you to our new favorite ride showcasing the Southern corridor of the Maah Daah Hey II! 


 $275 Solo

 $185 each for 2 riders

 $150 each 3-5 riders

 $130 each 6 or more

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Multi-day Tours -Guided Fully Supported

Currently Dakota Cyclery does not offer guided, fully supported multi-day trips but there are 2 outfitters who have been coming to the Maah Daah Hey for many years and can offer you a great 5 day adventure!


Check out these outfitters for dates and pricing:


Escape Adventures      1-800-596-2953

Western Spirit Cycling   1-800-845-2453

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