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Daily Shuttle Service

There are some great trails that lead right back into the town of Medora in a day's ride! We drop you off and you do the rest.  Map included. Call ahead to reserve!

*Sorry the prices in this section are no longer correct and editing in progress. Please refer to the bottom of the Multi-day section to the right for updated pricing- Thanks





Buffalo Gap Shuttle

This classic ride starts at the Buffalo Gap Campground Spur Trail-2 miles; connecting to the Buffalo Gap Trail (a mountain bike specific spur of the MHD Trail). near marker 8. This sweeping prairie ride then takes you east & brings you under the New I-94 Interstate Tunnel and into a hidden rugged gem of a section which meets up with the MDH Trail (8 miles) where you will now head north riding 3 miles of singletrack, then head back (east) into Medora utilizing the paved bike path-(1.5 miles). (Do Not continue under the Interstate!) This is a perfect intro to the riding around here! 14.5 Miles - Price is $30 for 1-2 riders + $10 for each additional rider

Wannagan Camp

Wannagan Camp is for those intermediate riders looking for a 3-5 hour adventure on the Maah Daah Hey and Buffalo Gap Trail. Take plenty of water and snacks for this scenic route skirting the National Park!   22-28 miles - $130 for first 2 riders + $10 each additional rider

Plumley Draw Shuttle

Jen's new favorite ride! This section of the new Maah Daah Hey 2 on the southern corridor offers a lot of bang for your buck. In a quick 15 minute shuttle, you get to ride 14 miles of singletrack back to Medora (plus 2 miles on road). This rugged trail section is great for intermediate to advanced riders looking for an amazing 2-3 hour ride! Gotta ride it to believe it!


$40 for first 2 riders - $10 each additional rider

Coal Creek Campground

4 miles South of Plumley Draw lies this remote, more primitive piece of trail and gorgeous Campground! We will drop you off for an 18 mile ride back to town through this stunning section of the the MDH 2.


$65 for the first 4 riders + $20 for each additional  

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Multi-day Shuttle Service >>

The "WORKS" Shuttle

This is our most popular shuttle service for those looking to do the whole Maah Daah Hey Trail! This is a self guided gear shuttle - here's how it works: We move your camping equipment, coolers, etc from camp to camp each day for 4 days in our DC trailer. You get a key (and so do we), so we can ice down the coolers, resupply drinking water and pack out the trash while you're riding. You and your group get to ride point-to-point with just your day pack!


Pricing is as follows:

  • $1600 minimum for up to 4 riders-$400/person +$225 each additional rider (see below)

  • $1825 for 5 riders or $365/person

  • $2050 for 6 riders or $340/person

  • $2275 for 7 riders or $325/person

  • $2800 for 8 riders or $350/person*

  • $3150 for 9 riders or $350/person minimun*

  • 9 rider cap-for 1 trailer with a weight limit of 1500 pounds-pack light! Our enclosed trailer dimensions are 6' x 6' x 12'. Additional Truck will shuttle trailer sepately to Campground for 8 or 9 riders. Riders & Bikes will be dropped at start of ride.* Add $25/person

  •  Additional Shuttles (rescues or same day return trips fees applied based on drive time from where we are located at the time of call.)


Daily Itinerary


  • DAY 1 - 7:30 am meet time at our shop in Medora. Bring your gear, food, and mountain bikes (or pick up your rental). We load up the trailer and jump in the truck or van for a 1 hour shuttle to the northern campsite drop off. This is usually Bennett Campground or Highway 50 crossroads depending on the group dynamics (strong or sightseers), weather conditions (looming storm, super hot, etc), and efficiency on the morning prep. Bennett Camp to Magpie = 25 miles, Hwy 50 to Magpie Camp = 17 miles-includes 3 miles before camp to explore the Ice Caves spur trail.


  • DAY 2 - Magpie to Elkhorn Camp for a scenic and challenging 22 mile day. This day entails two major Highlights: The Epic Devils Pass and crossing the Little Missouri River (no bridge). Please check USGS flows before planning your day. We don't recommend crossing above 3.5'. Ask for re-route options and/or extra shuttle. When all goes well, arrive at camp to find the gear trailer in the best site for your group and your favorite beverage iced down. 


  • DAY 3 - Elkhorn to Wannagan Camp is another awesome 22 mile segment on the original Maah Daah Hey Trail plan. Jen calls this the "Land that time forgot" as you'll be traversing this ancient Landscape of hilly terrain and Petrified Cypress tree stumps remnants of a 60 million year old swampland.  With a "hold on to your bike" last descent down to the Dakota Cyclery trailer waiting for you at camp. 



For a great interactive Maah Daah Hey map overview, click on this link from the MDH Trail Association. 

Team up with another "Works Shuttle" group to lower your cost per person! Call Jennifer to find out potential dates so she can match you up to share a gear trailer on your Maah Daah Hey adventure. You are not obligated to ride with others in the group. Only one Campsite is paid for with the use of the trailer ($10) but you can purchase an additional site if you prefer a bit more privacy. Most riders seem to get along great and have formed life long friendships! This is a 4 day Shuttle -all fees the same as above.


2 Days of the Maah Daah Hey 2

With the completion of the new Southern 47 mile extension in 2014, this fine section of trail has become a must-do! We get an early start with a shuttle to Burning Coal Vein Camp so you can ride the primitive 28 miles of back country trail to Coal Creek Camp where we can cache your vehicle or our trailer. The next day you ride 20 miles from Coal Creek to Medora which includes the fabulous Plumley Draw trail section! Upon arriving back to the shop we then shuttle you back to your vehicle or the trailer is waiting. This is great option for intermediate to advanced riders looking for a weekend epic. 


$325 for 1-4 riders / $75 each additional rider

Custom Multi-day Options

After 20+ years working in the Badlands we have seen a lot of variables and had many requests for other types of shuttle drops. Here are just a few:


  • Shuttle to CCC Campground at the Northern most point of the original Maah Daah Hey. This is great for through hikers, bike-packing adventures, canoeists (vehicle drop) and even sometimes horse trailers with your truck. This one way shuttle drop costs $260 for 1-4 guests + $40 for each additional person. 


  • 2 or 3 Day trailer support similar to the "Works Shuttle". Pricing dependent on start point.


  • Stay in Medora in the comfort of a hotel and we shuttle your group to various Trail Heads each day, call for a price quote.


  • Any one time remote campsite drop is $260 for 1-4 guests + $40 for each additional person. These are CCC,Bennett, Magpie, and Elkhorn.  Water cache extra

  • Burning Coal Vein or Third Creek Trailhead - $225 for 1-4 guests +$40 each additional (5 or more) includes water Cache Stops

  • Tom's Wash- $185-1-4 Guests+ $30

  • Bear Wash - $130 -1-4 Guests + $30 each additional 

  • Coal Creek Campground $100   1-4 + $25

  • Plumley Draw $75 1-4 riders + $15 each additional rider

  • Sully Creek or Bully Pulpit Trail Head $30-4 guests  $10 each additional (5 or more)

  • Wannagan Campground $175 1-4 riders +30 each additional rider

  • Buffalo Gap Campground $45 1-4 riders +15 Each additional rider

     Price includes Water Cache Drops on southern corridor 

     (Deuce only). You Bring & Label

Share a Shuttle

*Updated "Daily" Shuttle Pricing

*Schedule permitting, we can also provide shuttles for hikers, horse trailers and boaters.

Give us a call for a price quote and availability!

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