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Here at Dakota Cyclery, we take pride in our well maintained fleet of rental bikes. We have a wide variety of rentals - from high end full sususpention for the Maah Daah Hey to flat bar road bikes for the nearby National Park Loop to cruisers for hitting the streets of Historic Medora. Give us a call or send us an email to reserve your bike today! Please have a Visa or Mastercard ready to secure your reservation. 1-888-321-1218.

Mountain Bikes Rentals
-helmet, gloves & map included 











           All Rental Bikes are Kona, Cannondale & KHS  

                            And-Santa Cruz 5010!


 Full Suspension

 Rental Rates

 Half Day             $79

 Full Day              $99  

 2 Days               $195

 3 Days               $290 

 4 Day                $395  

 5 Days               $485

 Rental Rates

             Hardtail     HT+

 4 hour        $55    $69

 Full Day      $75    $89

 2 days       $145   $175

 3 Days       $225   $265

 4 Days       $295   $350   5 Day        $375   $435

Country music star Keith Anderson (blk shirt) enjoying Dakota Cyclery's bike rental and group shuttle to Plumley Draw!

Summer Bike Program

Other Gear to Rent -for exploring the streets of Medora

 Urban Bike       $55/Half Day  $75/Full Day  

 Comfort Bike*  $25/Half Day  $45/Full Day          

 Kids Bike         $40/Half Day   $55/Full Day  

 BabyTrailer      $35/Half Day   $40/Full Day       

 Stroller           $15/Half Day    $20/Full Day  

Adventure Packs  $30/Pack/Trip   2 sets of 3 Available

(Revelate Design)

Please note the Maah Daah Hey is comprised of bentonite clay and can be horrendously sticky when wet. Please respect our bikes and the trail, and refrain from riding during wet conditions. There will be a minimum $25 charge to all rental equipment returned muddy-If ridden in the river & creeks $100!

Loren and Jen have also started an unique service for those employees coming out to Medora to work for the summer, either locally or internationally, and need a way to get around. They call it "Beater Bike Rentals" (sure beats walking!), and basically have taken old bikes, fixed them up and given them a new purpose! They are available for a super low rate starting at $50/60 for 3-5 months to those employees in need of cheap transportation. Adjustments are free throughout the rental - plus one free flat fix for the duration. We operate on a first come, first serve basis, no reservations. We just ask that you bring them back to the shop before you leave town so we don't have to "round them up" at the dorms!


There's a great article from the Bismarck Tribune about the program here.


If you have any decent quality bikes or parts that you would like to donate to the program please give us a call! 

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