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Dakota Cyclery is a family owned business based in North Dakota 

   Opening in Bismarck in 1980, their passion for cycling spans 43 years of experience. Loren started as a co-owner of Dakota Cyclery in Bismarck, ND in 1980, and expanded into Historic Medora, ND in 1994 with an invitation from the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. The Magic of the Badlands was contagious as the Maah Daah Hey Trail was completed in 1999 and designated an "IMBA Epic" soon after, they knew the potential of being a destination Trail wanted to be part of  The Maah-Daah-Hey Trail with now over 150 miles of continuous singletrack.

    They also raised a family in the bike biz and it continues to be a mom-and-pop shop with the "Kids" all tied to the Bike Industry in New Orleans, Durango & Moab.

     With the kids graduated from school, Loren & Jen were ready for a new chapter so the Bismack store closed & building sold to make Medora their permanent location in 2004 was a dream  As owner of Dakota Cyclery Mountain Bike Adventures in Medora, North Dakota Jennifer and husband Loren have enjoyed the "endless-summer" lifestyle! ; a.k.a. "working-snowbirds"  "With Cactus Adventures in Phoenix we love the tradition Brian Anciaux put in place to operate a top notch tour company as we continue that business model."

Although the Medora, North Dakota Shop is a seasonal business from May to October, Cactus Adventures is a year round Mountain Rental, Biking/Hiking Tour business.

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