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One of the Top Rated Trails in the U.S!

More than 120 miles of pure bliss. Whether you are looking for a great beginner ride to check out the scenery or you are a seasoned single track junkie, this trail has it all for you. Over 160 miles, 13,000 feet of climbing and descending, and some of the best views you could ever imagine. It really doesn't get much better than this. You don't need travel to the ends of the earth for the best single track-we have it right in our back yard!




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Respect The Trails

"Maah Daah Hey" is a phrase used by the Mandan Indians meaning "a place that has been and will be here a long time." Dakota Cyclery is proud of this trail and we intend to do everything in our power to ensure that the Maah Daah Hey Trail will be just that - a place that will be around a long time.
Dakota Cyclery is a member of the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA). We follow all IMBA trail rules and advocate a "tread lightly" approach to trail use. We ask that all trail users follow the IMBA guidelines:

  1. Ride on open trails only.
  2. Leave no trace.
  3. Control your bicycle.
  4. Always yield trail.
  5. Never scare animals
  6. Plan ahead

Please do not ride on wet trails!

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Well over 100 miles of trail are available for you to ride in the badlands of North Dakota. World class single track running through the Little Missouri National Grasslands. Note: Bicyclists are not allowed on the Maah Daah Hey Trail where it passes through the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. For more info on the Maah Daah Hey Trail and the alternate route around the park, see us in Medora for the latest and best information, maps and directions. They're not called the goodlands for a reason, this trail runs through some of the most rugged and wild terreain in North America. For instance, if the trail becomes wet it's impassable and you will be stuck.

    A mile past Fairfield, go west on RD712 then about 20miles look for Maah Daah Hey trail signs, north on MDH to Devil's pass, south on MDH to Little Missouri River. Warning: this is in the middle of nowhere, bring water emergency equipment.
    An alternate ride that will hook you up with the Maah Daah Hey. You can make a nice big loop from out of Medora via the Andrew's trail, but that means you need to be in great shape.
  • LONG X
    A very remote loop based out of the CCC Campground, at the northern most end of the Maah Daah Hey.
    New in late 2005, an excellent and extremely remote loop based out of Bennett Camp.

    *Contact the us for more information. Please remember that even if you're in top physical condition, riding a badlands trail will be extremely hard if not deadly.



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    Water Levels Are Very Important!

    River CrossingThere are numerous stream and river crossings along the trail. Water levels are very important in how they affect your trail options and our abilities to shuttle to certain locations. Please check the levels at this link to see the most up to date information. If water levels are above 3 feet or thigh high we do not recommend you cross.  Shuttles are necessary.

    If you like your bike, and especially if you are renting one of ours,  KEEP IT OUT OF THE WATER & MUD!  The water is highly alkaline and therefore quite caustic as it will rust chains and contaminate grease in bearings.

    Go to the link below to check Water levels for the Little Missouri River

    Water Data USGS Website

     Wannagan Creek Crossing Spring '09















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